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2018-2019 Season

SVBC has chosen, as an organization, to shift our focus this season.

We will not be having tournament teams, as we have in the past. We feel that there are a lot of programs in our area that offer that very same thing (and do a good job of it), and we are looking to potentially fill a different need this year. We want to focus more on player development in a way that we don't think is fully realized by running full tournament teams. We will be offering clinics through the rec department in the spring, as well as separate small group sessions. Dates have not yet been decided.

If you want information on other clubs in the area that offer full tournament teams, we are more than happy to provide you with any knowledge we have.

Any questions, please email

We look forward to the opportunity of filling a different need in the area.

We have not yet determined the clinic/small group session schedule. We will post updates here as the scheduling is resolved.

Other Local Clubs

Names are links to websites, where possible.

Full GEVA listing here


House of Sports

LHVA *not listed on GEVA as an active club

Alpha Gamma

Westchester Pride

Downstate *Not listed on GEVA as an active club


NYC Juniors

AllStar *Not listed on GEVA as an active club





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